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Toddler Classes at Smallfry

Due to overwhelming demand we have opened up a second session of 5 Tastes Toddler class at 10:30 on April 26!

Turnip the Heat Cooking and Smallfry are teaming up to offer toddler cooking classes at the Smallfry shop. This hands-on class is for students 3-5 years old. We will be exploring the 5 tastes and making a snack to enjoy. Parents will need to stay with their child during class.

There is also Textures Toddler Class on June 7th at 9:30am.

Northern Thai Cooking Class

I am always excited when a Thai cooking class is coming up! My favorite cuisine is probably Thai! I love all the fresh flavors; the herbs, spices, greens and rices. Next up is a few fabulous dishes from Northern Thailand.

Larb, a meat and herb salad

Papaya salad

Sticky Rice

and Khoa Soi, a terrific noodle curry dish topped with pickles, lime and shallots.

Class is January 22nd, 6:30 pm at Old Salt Marketplace.

Sign up here.


Holiday Baking for Families

We have 5 more spots for Sunday afternoon’s holiday baking class! This is a great class to take with your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild! This class is open to students 6 years old and up with an adult, or 8 years old and older without an adult.

We will be kicking off the holiday season with sugar cookies and peanutbutter fudge! YUM!

Class is December 7th 3:00-5:00pm

Sign up Here

November News!

​​Inline image 1

 I found this picture in a book of Russian folktales and had to share it. That is one big Turnip!
Happy November Turnips! 
November is my favorite month of the year! Yes, it is dark, rainy, and cold – but we have Thanksgiving to look forward to!
My big cooking class in November is the Thanksgiving Pie making workshop. I currently have 2 sessions open for kids or families.
The classes are Tuesday, November 25th.
If you are feeling like perking up your Thanksgiving dinner table, sign up for Thanksgiving Sides. This is a fun evening class for adults.
If you are a planner, here are December classes:
I still have a few spots open for private parties in December. I also have aprons and gift certificates available for the holiday season. Interested in either? Email