Sharp Stuff


Anyone who has come to a Turnip the Heat class has seen our bright colored Kai knives. I love these because they are so sharp and have a sheath, which makes transport safer. My favorite is the 8-inch, bright pink chef’s knife. It is large enough to slice through almost anything. It is also very light weight, so I can use it all day.

If you have a young person in your life who is developing a love of cooking, I highly recommend getting them their own knife. Safety wise, a sharper knife is much safer then a dull knife. Having their own knife will encourage them to use it regularly, further developing their skills. This 6-inch blue knife is a great deal and would be perfect for a beginner cook (and they can bring it to their next Turnip the Heat Cooking class!).

I am not someone to recommend products (I am a total minimalist!), but I really believe these are an awesome product (and a total deal for a fabulous knife!).

PS. More knife- skill classes will be coming in August

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