School is Coming! And So Are Turnip’s After-School Classes

I am a little shocked to look at the calendar and realize that school is starting before we know it. Where has summer gone? But, excitingly, with school comes Turnip the Heat Cooking’s NEW after-school series.

There are three series to chose from:
NE Portland: Tuesdays at Old Salt Marketplace, a 6-week session for students 8-12 year old.

Happy Valley: Thursdays at New Seasons Market, a 3-week session for elementary students and a 3-week session for middle schoolers.

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Happy Valley Classes Now Offered!

I am thrilled to announce that Turnip the Heat Cooking is now working with the Happy Valley New Seasons Market to offer two different after-school cooking class series.

One is perfect for the budding elementary school chef the other for the middle school chef! These are 3 session classes starting in October. Each class will end with the group sitting down together to share the 3 course meal we create.

I have taught in Happy Valley for over a decade and I am thrilled to be able to offer cooking classes in this community.


Cooking Birthday Party with Turnip the Heat Cooking


We are booking our October, November, and December birthday parties now! Our time slots fill up quickly so plan ahead.

Our cooking birthday parties are a great way to kick off a new year! Turnip the Heat offers cooking birthday parties for kiddos ages 6 and older. We like to keep the groups small to make sure everyone can participate and have fun.

We love to plan a menu around the birthdays persons favorite foods (or books!!!).

Email to learn more.

(We also do grown up celebrations!)

Sharp Stuff


Anyone who has come to a Turnip the Heat class has seen our bright colored Kai knives. I love these because they are so sharp and have a sheath, which makes transport safer. My favorite is the 8-inch, bright pink chef’s knife. It is large enough to slice through almost anything. It is also very light weight, so I can use it all day.

If you have a young person in your life who is developing a love of cooking, I highly recommend getting them their own knife. Safety wise, a sharper knife is much safer then a dull knife. Having their own knife will encourage them to use it regularly, further developing their skills. This 6-inch blue knife is a great deal and would be perfect for a beginner cook (and they can bring it to their next Turnip the Heat Cooking class!).

I am not someone to recommend products (I am a total minimalist!), but I really believe these are an awesome product (and a total deal for a fabulous knife!).

PS. More knife- skill classes will be coming in August

Dumpling Class

This will focus on the dumpling! Nearly every culture in the world has a version of the dumpling, delicious filling tucked into dough then steamed, boiled or fried! We will be busy stuffing, folding, cooking and dipping! Come hungry!

Nepalese Momo dumplings
Empanadas with black beans and cheese
Sweet Moochi Dumplings
I have decided to add a Nepalese Momo dumpling to the menu and donate all profits from the class to Mercy Corp to help victims of the Nepalese Earthquake. My heart hurts for Nepal and I want to give back.

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